Video Project

This assignment involved me and a partner creating a video story from an event we both attended. The University of Wyoming hosted a comedy act by the name of Carlie and Doni and my partner and I chose to cover their hilarious performance.

I think what I liked most about this assignment was learning how to be a director. It was difficult at times getting the correct angles along with zooming in with the camera and trying to keep a steady hand. I had fun interviewing Carlie and Doni as well because they were themselves and the interview was very conversational.

I think what I disliked most about this assignment was trying to make a movie from a comedy act that  talked about so many sexual topics. They also had so many swear words and it was difficult to capture a really good story without offending our audience too much. I also thought it was difficult to create a video with the lighting that was available to us. The stage had very dull lighting an the crowd was in the dark so this made it difficult to capture good footage. I think I would definitely plan how to manipulate better lighting if I do more videos in the future.

This assignment has taught me a lot about creating good videos to tell a story. I learned the more footage the better. To have more than enough video is better than not having enough. I also learned patience is key when editing video. When I became frustrated with the editing process, I would walk away and come back and would notice so many things that could make the video better. The only thing I would change if I were to do another project with video is plan ahead. I would like to be more prepared with what I will be filming such as people, lighting, and interviewing. I also almost ran out of battery power when I was filming as well. This taught me to prepare more. I think I would also bring an extra camera the next time I do video as well.

I don’t know if I will use video in my future career, but I will definitely use my video skills I have learned for myself. I think making videos is incredibly fun. Videos can tell so many great stories and I wouldn’t mind practicing them for myself. I have always wanted to learn about iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Even when I was little I created so many ideas for movies, but never had a chance to learn how to make them come alive. This assignment was really fun for me and made me think of how I can create my own short films.



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