Social Media Project

This assignment allowed us the chance to practice live reporting using Twitter. We were asked to attend an event and report about it using tweets. I chose to attend All Things Geography and tweet about the endangered whitebark pine that is effecting national forests around the Pacific coast.

What I enjoyed most about this experience is that I could relate it to real life. This assignment made me realize how difficult it is to live report an event. It was difficult to be creative on the spot and create tweets that were under 140 characters. I had trouble thinking of ideas to make the tweets understandable to an audience that were not physically at the event. I found this assignment challenging and fun. I would not mind trying to do this again at multiple events to see if I could get better at it and try more creative tweets.

The only thing I did not like about this social media project was not being able to write down what I wanted to tweet and then later update it to Twitter. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and disliked that I did not have a lot of time to perfect the tweets. I learned that a good reporter is able to think on the spot and be able to establish great reports despite the amount of time given. I also learned that with live reporting it might be a good idea to do research before the event to have an idea of what I could tweet. I think doing some interviews before the event would help as well.

The thing that surprised me most with this assignment is that live reporting can be extremely difficult. I was surprised how many times I lost my thoughts of what I wanted to tweet because of timing. I also struggled with remembering certain statistics that I wanted to tweet because the speech was fast and I couldn’t keep up.

I could see myself doing this in the future for a career or for myself. I think it would be interesting to try live reporting at a concert or with an interview with somebody famous. This would be a great skill to have in the future because not a lot of people practice live reporting. Also, live reporting could put some companies above the rest because they got the information before anyone else, even if the information is only on a social networking site such as Twitter. Live reporting would be a beneficial skill to have because I think having a wide variety of skills with social media is important. I also plan to look into live reporting more with social media and see how much some of my favorite broadcasting sites use live reporting.


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