Soundslides Overview

To create a story using only photos and audio, we used the program Soundslides in the class Advanced New Media. The purpose of this assignment is to create a well told story by using only photos and audio which can be difficult. These types of stories can have a major impact on an audience if they are put together well. Using ambient noise, good photos, and  interviews can create a fascinating story and can have the ability to impact it’s viewers as well as a great movie could.

Working with a partner on this assignment was very cool, but somewhat nerve-wracking. We decided that one of us would be in charge of the photos and one of us would be in charge of the audio. This was a good strategy for us because we both did our parts well. In the future, however, I think that I would want to meet with a partner more just to make sure we are constantly on the same page.

Our experience with this project was really fun. I think we both enjoyed interviewing the derby girls and getting to view the world through their eyes. Most of them had incredible stories of why they joined such an intense sport and why they love it so much. These stories were really exciting to hear and inspired me as well. I think this was also an incredible event to take photos of. Their skates were so “old school” which immensely surprised me. I loved taking photos of their make-up, outfits, and skates.

One noteworthy event that I took away from this assignment was that I really wanted to focus on making sure I am in a quiet environment when I interview someone. I had one scenario while interviewing one of the derby girls that ended badly. We were in a quiet hallway outside of the gymnasium and while I was interviewing a player, someone walked out of the gym toward where I was standing and my recording device was flooded with loud background noise. I had to erase the entire interview and was really upset about it. Something else I will probably focus on is to take a lot more photos. I am really happy with our end results with photos, however, we probably only had about five others that we could have used if we needed to.

Soundslides was actually a really easy program to use in my opinion. I thought Sound Cloud and Audacity was a lot more complicated to get used to. I think Soundslides might be one of my new favorite programs to use and I plan to use it in the future for my own personal slideshows. I think for my own Soundslides projects in the future I would experiment with a lot more diversity of noise and pictures. For example, I would try matching a photo of trees with the sound of trees blowing in the wind, or a photo of a bee with a buzzing noise. I think this could be a fun experiment. I really loved this assignment and thought it was useful.



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