Edited Audio Interview

I have never had so much fun with an assignment. I loved doing this audio interview. I think that it is so cool how I can create a great audio story after cutting a lot of the original interview out. I was surprised how much I could create a good story out of this interview from a couple questions she answered rather than using all of the questions. My interview was originally about what her goals in life were and things that would be on her bucket list. The end result of the story developed into a theme of how people can do what they love and be happy. The only thing I did not admire is cutting it down into two minutes. There were so many great parts of the interview that I wanted to include, but had to cut out. Even though this was tough, I think it ultimately created a better story. I definitely wish I would have paused more before and after asking questions. It was tough to edit the questions that I did not allow a pause. I would also ask the person I am interviewing to avoid words such as “um” and stuttering because it is really difficult to edit tiny pieces in the audio. One of the biggest things I think I learned from this assignment is that I can get really great audio stories by asking a variety of questions. I think this develops a strong story because I receive a variety of answers and do not limit myself to try and write toward a theme. I also learned that it is a lot easier to create a great story when the person I am interviewing gives me really long answers. Fortunately the person I interviewed did a very good job with giving me detailed answers and this made the editing process easier to work with. This assignment made me want to try to interview more people and see what kind of stories I can create.


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