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I thought the interview process for this assignment was really fun. I used an iPhone for my recording device and was surprised with how good the quality turned out. I think it was a lot easier being the person interviewing the other rather than being the one interviewed. When it was my turn to be interviewed, I was extremely nervous. I felt like I was about to give a speech to a hundred people. I thought it was pretty hard to be asked questions. I kept trying to plan what I was going to say rather than let my answers come naturally. This assignment made me want to keep interviewing people. One thing I disliked about the interview process is trying to make a good story out of it. Fortunately the person I interviewed did a fantastic job with fully answering the questions, but I think it can be difficult to try and get people to understand that I need detailed answers. I learned that not holding the recording device is the best way to conduct the interview in order to avoid background noise. I also learned that it’s nice to have planned questions because it is easier to develop a theme with the interview. My interview was almost too good to be true. I do not think it could have gone more smooth,




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