Beginning Audio Recording and Editing

Ambient noise is basically a fancy term for background noise. It is incredible how much ambient noise is found throughout the day. I decided to take my phone and record ambient noise throughout my week and this is what I picked up.

The first set is the sound of popcorn popping in a microwave where I work. The people in the background are in the lobby at the hotel that I work at. The popcorn adds nice detail if I were to be writing about a hotel story or family oriented story.

The second set of sounds is in my bathroom at my house. The radio in the background is in my roommates room and the faucet is in the bathroom along with the flushing toilet. I think I would use these sounds to demonstrate a story about houses such as for a TV show like HGTV’s “Househunters,” or maybe a family oriented story about waking up in the morning for a family breakfast and listening to music and doing basic human activities in the morning.

I recorded the third set of sounds outside of my house walking to school. The footsteps are mine walking in the snow and there were probably over thirty birds in my tree that recorded nicely as well. I think the train in the background is my favorite ambient sound in this track. A good story for these sounds would be related to a city in my opinion. Even though I recorded these sounds in a small town, the train and the crunching of footsteps in the snow remind me of a big city. I would use these sounds for a story about city crime or maybe about transportation in a city.

My fourth set of sounds were recorded at a volleyball intramural game in the gym. The whistles are from the referees and the balls bouncing are obviously the volleyballs. I was surprised how well these sounds turned out. I would probably use these sounds for a story about a championship game that a team won. I think the whistles add a great touch to telling a story about a team’s victory.

My fifth set of sounds turned out to be one of my favorites. This sound is of my roommate brushing her teeth and spitting in the sink. I was laughing so hard when I listened to this recording. I would use these sounds for a story about dental hygiene or about a new dentist’s office opening up. This sound of my roommate brushing her teeth creates a comical atmosphere to a story.

My sixth set was taken from my laundry room in my house. I had a large pair of jeans in the dryer that kept hitting the sides of the machine and it created a fantastic sound. I would use these sounds for a story about college students doing laundry or maybe women going on strike to not clean anymore. I think these sounds would give a great visual to a college student story about having to pay for laundry.


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