Blog Post 6 photojournalism







I Think I will be Big Foot Today

Students Kolby Magee and CodiAnne Corpening decide to take a break from studying and prank people as Big Foot at Vidauwoo in Laramie Thursday evening.

I stumbled upon this photo while I was at Vidauwoo practicing taking pictures of trees. There were a couple students laughing really loud and I turned to see what they were laughing at and saw a big hairy figure in the trees. It just so happened to be  a student dressed up as Big Foot and I too started to laugh hysterically. These students were pulling pranks on hikers that were walking by. I chose this as a feature photo because it is funny. I think the photo allows students to relate to it because everyone likes to take a break from studying and pull a prank or two. I loved this photo experience because it was hilarious and I got to participate in watching them prank people. It was fairly easy to capture this shot because I followed them around the entire afternoon with my camera. Background could be a good creative device because it has trees along with the trail they are walking on and makes the audience curious as to why there is a person dressed up as Big Foot walking on a trail.




Less Homework More Exercise

During a weekend workout, Kyle Hurley, a junior at UW, keeps in shape while lifting a curl bar at the Half Acre gym on campus.

I have exercised in Half Acre before and know there is usually a lot of guys weight lifting so I decided to wonder through the gym and see what I could find for a good photo. This shot was a little difficult because I could not quite capture his movement. I had to adjust my shutter speed quite a few times. While taking this photo, I felt nervous. I did not want to make him feel uncomfortable especially because he was lifting weights. I had to make sure I was going at a fast enough pace that he would not see me and feel annoyed by me.



Students and Coe Library

Students Steven Werner and Jeff Hodge, juniors at UW, manage to study and eat dinner at the same time Thursday night at Coe library.


Eat to Keep Warm

Staying warm from Laramie’s winter storms, Kassie Clements, Mariah Sundell, and Kelly Straughn grab a quick bite to eat at the Union building Wednesday afternoon.



Recruiting More Cowboys

Jared White, a senior at UW, gives a school tour to potential new students  on Thursday morning in the Union building on campus.

I came across this scene in the Student Union  building while I was walking to class. I thought this might be a great photo because the students seemed really interested with all of the activities taking place. I originally wanted to capture the emotions of students searching for the right college to go to, however, I am not positive if this photo does the job, but am still happy with it. I think viewpoint and leading lines could be creative devices for this photo. I admire that the tour guide is in front and allows viewers to immediately realize that the students are most likely on a tour of the UW campus. I also like that the photo makes almost a triangular shape and keeps the eyes on the students and what is going on.


What I learned from this assignment is that I really do have to plan ahead to get interesting photos. I was surprised that not a lot of interesting things happen on campus in one day. I really need to focus on exploring more and be more open to creative ideas. I need to plan ahead to be able to spend more time wondering around and finding interesting scenes. Something I really wish I could change while I was taking photos is have people pose. It was difficult for me to shoot people across the room or during class. I felt as if I were being distracting and I felt like I could not get great photos that were not unplanned. Even though it was hard for me not to have people pose, I think this rule helped me become a stronger photographer.





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