Creative Devices


Just Relax.

There is always time for something sweet and relaxing.

The dominant creative device in this photo is color. The red and white candles stand out against the tan colored tub and white tile walls. The candles stand out because they have brighter colors and lead the eye toward the running bath water. The color of the candles also relate with the chocolates because they both have similar colors and represent enjoyment. The colors of the candles along with the chocolates and razors immediately give a sense of calming and relates to any viewer who has taken a relaxing bubble bath. The light of the candles also creates a pleasing photo.


Do not play with your food. Play with the eating utensils.

I like to experiment with anything that is strange to experiment with for a photo. A spoon seems appropriate while trying to experiment shooting a photo of yourself. 

The dominant creative device in this photo is experimentation. If I do a self-portrait, I like to look around me and choose an item that would be strange to add in the photo with me. I have used many strange objects such as magnets from a fridge, paper towels, water bottles, and yarn. This experiment with the spoon draws the viewers eyes to the photo because the strangeness of a person holding a spoon over an eye. This allows the viewer to wonder why the spoon isn’t being used for eating which makes the photo out of the ordinary. The spoon covering one eye along with me making a weird face makes the photo comical and more pleasing to viewers. 



Bun Heads

This photo describes dancers at their finest.They have so much creativity, there needs to be two of them to make sure that creativity is never lost.

The dominant creative device in this photo is symmetry and patterns. The photo gives a nice pattern because of the window in the background. The photo gives nice symmetry as well because of her reflection in the mirror and the photo flows nicely in a smooth direction. Background is also something that works well with this photo. The background allows the viewer to piece together that she is in a dance studio. The symmetry and patterns of this photo capture the viewers attention because it allows for more of an abstract view to the photo. If the windows in the background didn’t have the pattern or if she was alone in the photo, this would not be as of an exciting photo.



Broaden Your Horizon

If it is going to snow this much in Wyoming, one might as well play in it.

The dominant creative device in this photo is depth. The viewer gets a sense of how huge the mountain is along with how far the skiers are on the lift. The trees  also give an idea of how far away they are and how steep the mountain is. Depth allows for an appealing photo because depth gives something different to people. Depth gives a photo stregnth because it helps determine how far away things are or how things relate such as the mountain and the skiers that are about to ride it.



I spy

When time runs out, it is generally a good idea to take a picture of it.

The dominant creative device in this photo is viewpoint. The weeds somewhat point to the clock and allow the viewers eyes to be focused on the clock. The clock creates a great view point that is different from an average scene of weeds. 

I have learned so much from this assignment. What I have learned most about this assignment is that taking photos from all angles helps them immensely. I enjoyed laying on the ground along with climbing to different areas to get better photo shots. I also learned that using a variety of the creative devices helps give my photos a lot of strength. I think the creative devices helps my photos change a lot and not relate to the same boring style.

If I could have done anything differently, I would probably have chosen more inside shots. I am having trouble learning how to do these creative devices indoors.




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