News Diet

News Diet

I currently get m y news through New York Times, CNN, and MSN. These sites constantly keep updated and I know I can trust them. My I phone is also my “go to” for news media. I could not live without my phone. It is like my own personal assistant, especially when it comes to news. I am a firm believer that news and media are key elements that Americans should be paying attention to daily; however, I do not always practice what I preach.  My goal for this year is to keep up with current events at least four times a week. :/ Wish me well everybody.

This might sound strange, but YouTube is one of my favorite media links to update me on literally almost everything in the world. YouTube always has clips from news media or even stories that do not make the news. An example would be that some people believe the Sandy Hook story was a conspiracy. This story on YouTube is about the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut being a conspiracy. I am not saying I agree with this type of news media, or saying that it is  accurate, especially on a website such as YouTube,  however, it is interesting to have  a resource such as this where people can publish what they believe to be true and see if others agree.

Other entertainment resources that I find to be useful is a public radio broadcasting site called This American Life. I have found this site very useful and love it. I listen to their radio broadcasts weekly. This site not only broadcasts political information, but discusses other interesting topics as well.  I have listened to shows that have been about an Obama look alike and how people treated him on the streets, which was both really negative and positive.  I have also listened to shows about people going to extreme lengths for love and people that have died to buy an I-phone. This site is amazing and very entertaining.


I am definitely not shy in stating that my news diet could use a lot of improvement. I plan to keep updated a lot more with current events that are happening not only in America, but in other parts of the world. I would also like to be more open minded when it comes to news. I think politics have the ability to tear people a part and I am a firm believer that politics have made a lot of people hate one another in America. So I plan to be open minded of other peoples opinions while researching political news.

I also am a strong believer that news and media makes people depressed, me being one of those people. I used to read a negative article about who knows what, and literally think about it for days and wonder why that kind of stuff happens. Reading negative current events and how thousands of people die a day is not my idea of a good time. So even though keeping updated with the news is important, I plan to not let the news bring me down. I will remind myself that the world is not solely this negative place as portrayed by competitive news stations, and remind myself that there is as much good stuff in the world as bad and more good people in the world as well. I can not wait to keep updated.




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