Video Project

This assignment involved me and a partner creating a video story from an event we both attended. The University of Wyoming hosted a comedy act by the name of Carlie and Doni and my partner and I chose to cover their hilarious performance.

I think what I liked most about this assignment was learning how to be a director. It was difficult at times getting the correct angles along with zooming in with the camera and trying to keep a steady hand. I had fun interviewing Carlie and Doni as well because they were themselves and the interview was very conversational.

I think what I disliked most about this assignment was trying to make a movie from a comedy act that  talked about so many sexual topics. They also had so many swear words and it was difficult to capture a really good story without offending our audience too much. I also thought it was difficult to create a video with the lighting that was available to us. The stage had very dull lighting an the crowd was in the dark so this made it difficult to capture good footage. I think I would definitely plan how to manipulate better lighting if I do more videos in the future.

This assignment has taught me a lot about creating good videos to tell a story. I learned the more footage the better. To have more than enough video is better than not having enough. I also learned patience is key when editing video. When I became frustrated with the editing process, I would walk away and come back and would notice so many things that could make the video better. The only thing I would change if I were to do another project with video is plan ahead. I would like to be more prepared with what I will be filming such as people, lighting, and interviewing. I also almost ran out of battery power when I was filming as well. This taught me to prepare more. I think I would also bring an extra camera the next time I do video as well.

I don’t know if I will use video in my future career, but I will definitely use my video skills I have learned for myself. I think making videos is incredibly fun. Videos can tell so many great stories and I wouldn’t mind practicing them for myself. I have always wanted to learn about iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Even when I was little I created so many ideas for movies, but never had a chance to learn how to make them come alive. This assignment was really fun for me and made me think of how I can create my own short films.


Social Media Project

This assignment allowed us the chance to practice live reporting using Twitter. We were asked to attend an event and report about it using tweets. I chose to attend All Things Geography and tweet about the endangered whitebark pine that is effecting national forests around the Pacific coast.

What I enjoyed most about this experience is that I could relate it to real life. This assignment made me realize how difficult it is to live report an event. It was difficult to be creative on the spot and create tweets that were under 140 characters. I had trouble thinking of ideas to make the tweets understandable to an audience that were not physically at the event. I found this assignment challenging and fun. I would not mind trying to do this again at multiple events to see if I could get better at it and try more creative tweets.

The only thing I did not like about this social media project was not being able to write down what I wanted to tweet and then later update it to Twitter. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and disliked that I did not have a lot of time to perfect the tweets. I learned that a good reporter is able to think on the spot and be able to establish great reports despite the amount of time given. I also learned that with live reporting it might be a good idea to do research before the event to have an idea of what I could tweet. I think doing some interviews before the event would help as well.

The thing that surprised me most with this assignment is that live reporting can be extremely difficult. I was surprised how many times I lost my thoughts of what I wanted to tweet because of timing. I also struggled with remembering certain statistics that I wanted to tweet because the speech was fast and I couldn’t keep up.

I could see myself doing this in the future for a career or for myself. I think it would be interesting to try live reporting at a concert or with an interview with somebody famous. This would be a great skill to have in the future because not a lot of people practice live reporting. Also, live reporting could put some companies above the rest because they got the information before anyone else, even if the information is only on a social networking site such as Twitter. Live reporting would be a beneficial skill to have because I think having a wide variety of skills with social media is important. I also plan to look into live reporting more with social media and see how much some of my favorite broadcasting sites use live reporting.

Soundslides Overview

To create a story using only photos and audio, we used the program Soundslides in the class Advanced New Media. The purpose of this assignment is to create a well told story by using only photos and audio which can be difficult. These types of stories can have a major impact on an audience if they are put together well. Using ambient noise, good photos, and  interviews can create a fascinating story and can have the ability to impact it’s viewers as well as a great movie could.

Working with a partner on this assignment was very cool, but somewhat nerve-wracking. We decided that one of us would be in charge of the photos and one of us would be in charge of the audio. This was a good strategy for us because we both did our parts well. In the future, however, I think that I would want to meet with a partner more just to make sure we are constantly on the same page.

Our experience with this project was really fun. I think we both enjoyed interviewing the derby girls and getting to view the world through their eyes. Most of them had incredible stories of why they joined such an intense sport and why they love it so much. These stories were really exciting to hear and inspired me as well. I think this was also an incredible event to take photos of. Their skates were so “old school” which immensely surprised me. I loved taking photos of their make-up, outfits, and skates.

One noteworthy event that I took away from this assignment was that I really wanted to focus on making sure I am in a quiet environment when I interview someone. I had one scenario while interviewing one of the derby girls that ended badly. We were in a quiet hallway outside of the gymnasium and while I was interviewing a player, someone walked out of the gym toward where I was standing and my recording device was flooded with loud background noise. I had to erase the entire interview and was really upset about it. Something else I will probably focus on is to take a lot more photos. I am really happy with our end results with photos, however, we probably only had about five others that we could have used if we needed to.

Soundslides was actually a really easy program to use in my opinion. I thought Sound Cloud and Audacity was a lot more complicated to get used to. I think Soundslides might be one of my new favorite programs to use and I plan to use it in the future for my own personal slideshows. I think for my own Soundslides projects in the future I would experiment with a lot more diversity of noise and pictures. For example, I would try matching a photo of trees with the sound of trees blowing in the wind, or a photo of a bee with a buzzing noise. I think this could be a fun experiment. I really loved this assignment and thought it was useful.


Edited Audio Interview

I have never had so much fun with an assignment. I loved doing this audio interview. I think that it is so cool how I can create a great audio story after cutting a lot of the original interview out. I was surprised how much I could create a good story out of this interview from a couple questions she answered rather than using all of the questions. My interview was originally about what her goals in life were and things that would be on her bucket list. The end result of the story developed into a theme of how people can do what they love and be happy. The only thing I did not admire is cutting it down into two minutes. There were so many great parts of the interview that I wanted to include, but had to cut out. Even though this was tough, I think it ultimately created a better story. I definitely wish I would have paused more before and after asking questions. It was tough to edit the questions that I did not allow a pause. I would also ask the person I am interviewing to avoid words such as “um” and stuttering because it is really difficult to edit tiny pieces in the audio. One of the biggest things I think I learned from this assignment is that I can get really great audio stories by asking a variety of questions. I think this develops a strong story because I receive a variety of answers and do not limit myself to try and write toward a theme. I also learned that it is a lot easier to create a great story when the person I am interviewing gives me really long answers. Fortunately the person I interviewed did a very good job with giving me detailed answers and this made the editing process easier to work with. This assignment made me want to try to interview more people and see what kind of stories I can create.

Raw audio file

I thought the interview process for this assignment was really fun. I used an iPhone for my recording device and was surprised with how good the quality turned out. I think it was a lot easier being the person interviewing the other rather than being the one interviewed. When it was my turn to be interviewed, I was extremely nervous. I felt like I was about to give a speech to a hundred people. I thought it was pretty hard to be asked questions. I kept trying to plan what I was going to say rather than let my answers come naturally. This assignment made me want to keep interviewing people. One thing I disliked about the interview process is trying to make a good story out of it. Fortunately the person I interviewed did a fantastic job with fully answering the questions, but I think it can be difficult to try and get people to understand that I need detailed answers. I learned that not holding the recording device is the best way to conduct the interview in order to avoid background noise. I also learned that it’s nice to have planned questions because it is easier to develop a theme with the interview. My interview was almost too good to be true. I do not think it could have gone more smooth,



Beginning Audio Recording and Editing

Ambient noise is basically a fancy term for background noise. It is incredible how much ambient noise is found throughout the day. I decided to take my phone and record ambient noise throughout my week and this is what I picked up.

The first set is the sound of popcorn popping in a microwave where I work. The people in the background are in the lobby at the hotel that I work at. The popcorn adds nice detail if I were to be writing about a hotel story or family oriented story.

The second set of sounds is in my bathroom at my house. The radio in the background is in my roommates room and the faucet is in the bathroom along with the flushing toilet. I think I would use these sounds to demonstrate a story about houses such as for a TV show like HGTV’s “Househunters,” or maybe a family oriented story about waking up in the morning for a family breakfast and listening to music and doing basic human activities in the morning.

I recorded the third set of sounds outside of my house walking to school. The footsteps are mine walking in the snow and there were probably over thirty birds in my tree that recorded nicely as well. I think the train in the background is my favorite ambient sound in this track. A good story for these sounds would be related to a city in my opinion. Even though I recorded these sounds in a small town, the train and the crunching of footsteps in the snow remind me of a big city. I would use these sounds for a story about city crime or maybe about transportation in a city.

My fourth set of sounds were recorded at a volleyball intramural game in the gym. The whistles are from the referees and the balls bouncing are obviously the volleyballs. I was surprised how well these sounds turned out. I would probably use these sounds for a story about a championship game that a team won. I think the whistles add a great touch to telling a story about a team’s victory.

My fifth set of sounds turned out to be one of my favorites. This sound is of my roommate brushing her teeth and spitting in the sink. I was laughing so hard when I listened to this recording. I would use these sounds for a story about dental hygiene or about a new dentist’s office opening up. This sound of my roommate brushing her teeth creates a comical atmosphere to a story.

My sixth set was taken from my laundry room in my house. I had a large pair of jeans in the dryer that kept hitting the sides of the machine and it created a fantastic sound. I would use these sounds for a story about college students doing laundry or maybe women going on strike to not clean anymore. I think these sounds would give a great visual to a college student story about having to pay for laundry.

Blog Post 6 photojournalism







I Think I will be Big Foot Today

Students Kolby Magee and CodiAnne Corpening decide to take a break from studying and prank people as Big Foot at Vidauwoo in Laramie Thursday evening.

I stumbled upon this photo while I was at Vidauwoo practicing taking pictures of trees. There were a couple students laughing really loud and I turned to see what they were laughing at and saw a big hairy figure in the trees. It just so happened to be  a student dressed up as Big Foot and I too started to laugh hysterically. These students were pulling pranks on hikers that were walking by. I chose this as a feature photo because it is funny. I think the photo allows students to relate to it because everyone likes to take a break from studying and pull a prank or two. I loved this photo experience because it was hilarious and I got to participate in watching them prank people. It was fairly easy to capture this shot because I followed them around the entire afternoon with my camera. Background could be a good creative device because it has trees along with the trail they are walking on and makes the audience curious as to why there is a person dressed up as Big Foot walking on a trail.




Less Homework More Exercise

During a weekend workout, Kyle Hurley, a junior at UW, keeps in shape while lifting a curl bar at the Half Acre gym on campus.

I have exercised in Half Acre before and know there is usually a lot of guys weight lifting so I decided to wonder through the gym and see what I could find for a good photo. This shot was a little difficult because I could not quite capture his movement. I had to adjust my shutter speed quite a few times. While taking this photo, I felt nervous. I did not want to make him feel uncomfortable especially because he was lifting weights. I had to make sure I was going at a fast enough pace that he would not see me and feel annoyed by me.



Students and Coe Library

Students Steven Werner and Jeff Hodge, juniors at UW, manage to study and eat dinner at the same time Thursday night at Coe library.


Eat to Keep Warm

Staying warm from Laramie’s winter storms, Kassie Clements, Mariah Sundell, and Kelly Straughn grab a quick bite to eat at the Union building Wednesday afternoon.



Recruiting More Cowboys

Jared White, a senior at UW, gives a school tour to potential new students  on Thursday morning in the Union building on campus.

I came across this scene in the Student Union  building while I was walking to class. I thought this might be a great photo because the students seemed really interested with all of the activities taking place. I originally wanted to capture the emotions of students searching for the right college to go to, however, I am not positive if this photo does the job, but am still happy with it. I think viewpoint and leading lines could be creative devices for this photo. I admire that the tour guide is in front and allows viewers to immediately realize that the students are most likely on a tour of the UW campus. I also like that the photo makes almost a triangular shape and keeps the eyes on the students and what is going on.


What I learned from this assignment is that I really do have to plan ahead to get interesting photos. I was surprised that not a lot of interesting things happen on campus in one day. I really need to focus on exploring more and be more open to creative ideas. I need to plan ahead to be able to spend more time wondering around and finding interesting scenes. Something I really wish I could change while I was taking photos is have people pose. It was difficult for me to shoot people across the room or during class. I felt as if I were being distracting and I felt like I could not get great photos that were not unplanned. Even though it was hard for me not to have people pose, I think this rule helped me become a stronger photographer.